Committees & Background Papers

Regular Committees

Photo of the MUNSA African Union Chairs
African Union

"AU" is a collection of African countries working towards economic growth and peace, emphasizing international cooperation and unity.

Photo of the MUNSA Disarmament Chairs

The "Disarm" committee's goal is to save humanity through promoting nonproliferation and mitigating the adoption and expansion of nuclear weapons.

Photo of the MUNSA Economic and Social Council Chairs
Economic and Social Council

"ECOSOC" focuses on assisting poorer nations with the economic, social, and humanitarian issues they face, dealing with unique challenges such as infrastructure and territorial conflicts.

Photo of the MUNSA General Assembly Chairs
General Assembly

"GA" is the central deliberative, policymaking, and representative organ of the United Nations, coordinating the UN budget and making recommendations through resolutions.

Photo of the MUNSA Human Rights Council Chairs
Human Rights Council

"HRC" deals heavily with human rights, focusing on issues like poverty, world hunger, and reproductive rights.

Photo of the MUNSA International Telecommunication Union Chairs
International Telecommunication Union

"ITU" strives to connect the world through the use of technology, protecting the global right to communicate and leading sustainable development.

Photo of the MUNSA Organization of the American States Chairs
Organization of the American States

"OAS" deals with political discussion, analysis and decision making revolving around powers in the western hemisphere.

Photo of the MUNSA Security Council Chairs
Security Council

"UNSC" works to keep international peace and security by calling upon countries to resolve their conflicts, imposing sanctions on certain nations who pose a danger to others, and even sometimes authorizing the use of force to reinstate peace and security.

Photo of the MUNSA Special Political and Decolonization Committee Chairs
Special Political and Decolonization Committee

"SPECPOL" takes care of a broad range of items in part due to deconoloiztion, in special regard to peackeeping and review of political missions.

Photo of the MUNSA Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women Chairs
Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women

"UN WOMEN" strives to achieve gender equality by working to provide equal rights and oppotunities for women.

Photo of the MUNSA Development Chairs
Development Progamme

"UNDP" works to eradicate poverty by creating sustainable growth and development through policies and partnership.

Photo of the MUNSA Environment Programme Chairs
Environment Programme

"UNEP" serves as a global enforcer of environmental agendas, addressing environmental concerns and discussing the intersection of sustainability and public policy.

Photo of the MUNSA High Commissioner for Refugees Chairs
High Commissioner for Refugees

"UNHCR" is dedicated to help save and protect the lives of refugees, striving to preserve the rights of migrants to seek asylum and establishing safe spaces for displaced peoples.

Photo of the MUNSA United Nations Children's Fund Chairs
United Nations Children's Fund

"UNICEF" focuses on protecting children by providing food, shelter, healthcare, funding, and security internationally, prioritizing the wellbeing of at-risk populations everywhere.

Photo of the MUNSA Office on Drugs and Crime Chairs
Office on Drugs and Crime

"UNODC" leads efforts to correct the justice system through criminal justice reform, creating peace and security in matters relating to human rights, drugs, crime, corruption and terrorism.

Photo of the MUNSA World Health Organization Chairs
World Health Organization

"WHO" is the definitive authority on the international health matters and leads global responses to threats against the well being of humanity.

Photo of the MUNSA World Trade Organization Chairs
World Trade Organization

"WTO" regulates global trade and economic relationships between nations, negotiating trade agreements and treaties to ensure that trade flows freely and steadily throughout the world.

Crisis Committees

Crisis rooms simulate realistic rapid-paced crisis events, encouraging the collaboration between delegates to urgently draft resolutions towards issue at hand. Crisis rooms topics vary greatly to generate creative yet effective solutions towards potential threats, and chairs assist delegates by providing updates and developments in the crisis event.

Photo of the MUNSA Crisis 1 Chairs
Crisis 1
Photo of the MUNSA Crisis 2 Chairs
Crisis 2
Photo of the MUNSA Histrocial Crisis 1 Chairs
Historical Crisis 1
Photo of the MUNSA Histrocial Crisis 2 Chairs
Historical Crisis 2
Photo of the MUNSA Nuclear Crisis Chairs
Nuclear Crisis