Conference Info

Dates and Format

MUNSA XXVI will take place on January 6th and 7th, 2022.

The conference is scheduled to be a hybrid format, meaning we are hoping to offer both in-person and virtual options. To ensure the safety of MUNSA delegates, sponsors, and staff, there will be limited availability for the in-person conference option. Our limited number of spots will be filled on a first come, first served basis.

In addition to the limited number of delegates, all participants (delegates, sponsors, and staff) will be required to adhere to COVID-19 safety protocols mandated by Trinity University.

Fees and Registration

MUNSA XXVI registration for both in-person and virtual conference options open in mid to late October, and will close on December 5, 2021. Participants are encouraged to register during the initial registration period, but there will be an additional late registration period from December 5 to December 10.

Note: Those who register during the late registration period will be charged an additional $10 to the original delegate fee.

In-Person Fees:
The school fee for schools who choose the in-person option will be $90, which covers school registration and the cost of sending two sponsors. To reduce the concentration of in-person guests this year, we will be strictly limiting in-person attendance to a maximum of two sponsors per school. The cost per delegate is $70, which includes lunch at Trinity on January 6th and 7th.

Virtual Fees:
The school fee for schools who choose the virtual option will be $55, which covers school registration and the cost of sending two sponsors. If you wish to send more than two sponsors, $15 per additional sponsor will be charged. The cost per delegate is $30, which includes a tshirt that will be sent to your school along with resources and materials for sponsors.

MUNSA Scholarship

We are aware that all students come from different economic backgrounds, and the MUNSA XXVI Secretariat wants to make sure that financial barriers are not a limiting factor for those wishing to participate in MUNSA XXVI. For this reason, we are offering a MUNSA XXVI scholarship that will be available and accessible through the MUNSA website until a date in November that is to be decided. Not all students who apply will receive the scholarship, but we encourage students to apply if they may be struggling to pay the conference fees.

Junior MUNSA

Our middle school Model U.N. program, Jr. MUNSA, will be taking place entirely online. The cost per school is $20, and participating middle schools must send a minimum of 1 sponsor. The cost per delegate is $20. Schools interested in Jr. MUNSA should contact us at to be added to our Jr. MUNSA mailing list for further information and updates.