Our NGO: Gavi

A Long-Standing Tradition

As a part of our commitment to global citizenship, we create opportunities for our action to reach beyond engaging future leaders by supporting a non-governmental organization every year. We believe that communicating these big ideas is only the first step in becoming a global citizen, and with the means to do so, we choose to take the next steps in our advocacy through our donation and support of our chosen NGO. We hope to inspire those who attend to take similar action and seek ways to push for change regarding global issues.

This Year's NGO

This year, we are supporting “Gavi: The Vaccine Alliance” with their efforts towards expanding global access to immunization, especially with the rise of COVID-19. Gavi has been actively providing vaccines for people around the world since the year 2000 with the help of partners like the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) and the World Health Organization (WHO). Due to the current vaccine limitations, it is paramount to prioritize the equitable distribution of vaccines to save lives and protect public health services in all nations. For these reasons, we felt that Gavi would be a reputable and secure organization to donate to.

“Gavi is co-leading COVAX, the global effort to secure a global response to COVID-19 that is effective and fair, using its unique expertise to help identify and rapidly accelerate development, production and delivery of COVID-19 vaccines so that anyone that needs them, gets them.”

Gavi on COVID-19

When MUNSA donates to Gavi, we support vaccine procurement exclusively, so your donations or involvement in our fundraisers have tangible and immediate impacts. Gavi’s goal in 2021 and early 2022 is to provide 1.7 billion COVID-19 vaccines to 92 lower-income countries and help end the acute phase of the pandemic, so your donation to MUNSA supports both our conference and the global vaccine effort.